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Bulgarian society has reached an important phase and developments are happening very rapidly. The high demands of business and the need to adapt to a competitive (European) market economy require flexibility in all forms. The ability to adapt to change is essential. With a flexible workforce, companies have the answer to changes in their demand for labour.

This is why Margreet Drijvers, founded Flexjob in 2005. Margreet a Dutch lawyer/consultant, specialised in labour law, worked for well known lawfirms and counted several large companies as her clients when she worked as a consultant. She was involved in large, structural reorganisations, human resource policies and all other law issues regarding labour management.

Flexjob is a temporary employment agency and can be the flexible solution for your company by providing Flexworkers©. This could be to cover employee absences (illness, vacation, maternity leave) or unexpected or temporary demands (special projects, seasonal periods, employee shortages).

For people who want to work on a flexible basis Flexjob offers various jobs. Please check the vacancies to see if there is a job you like.

Since the beginning of 2014, due to increased interest of foreign clients and a large pool of experienced and skilled specialized craftsmen, Flexjob started to develop also Project Contracting Services with the main goal - project based services. Each project stands on its own, so we can offer a specific solution for each (specific) project. We offer execution of projects for clients throughout the European Union. Flexjob has successfully completed projects in Italy, France and Belgium.

This gives us the opportunity to answer the growing needs for a “complete in house” solution.

The Project Contracting Services are available in the field of construction/building activities, metal processing and construction as well as other fields of business.

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