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As a Flexworker you will get paid on a weekmonthly basis. You will get paid for the hours you have worked. On the timesheets you need to state the hours you have worked. This timesheet needs to be approved and countersigned by the authorised person at the client you are working for.

For every new assignment we grant you a salary, depending on the client, the assignment, your knowledge and working experience. You will only get paid for the hours you have worked and you will not receive any holidays or payment during illness. In this respect you differ from a normal employee, but in return you will receive a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Flexjob will provide you with timesheets. These timesheets are the basis of the payment to you. Each day you note the hours you have worked. At the end of the month you and the authorised person at the client will both sign the timesheet. As soon as possible you will submit the timesheet to Flexjob. In some cases it is possible to fill in the timesheet via the login area on www.flexjob.bg. We will let you know if the client makes use of this facility.

When the timesheet is not complete or not submitted in time, Flexjob is not able to calculate and pay your salary.

New timesheets are always available at the office of Flexjob.

The moment we receive your timesheet we will calculate your salary. A few days later you will receive your salary in your bank account. The amount you will receive is a net amount. This means that the social security and tax payments have already been deduced from your salary.

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